Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dark Eldar Vehicles vs Template Weapons - A Strategy & Solution

One common complaint that I have heard regarding Dark Eldar is their susceptibility to template weapons.  Dark Eldar's primary Troop is the Warrior - mounted in a Venom or Raider (when was the last time you saw a foot mounted Warrior Squad?).  By flaming an open topped vehicle and hitting the occupants, our opponents are getting a chance to both glance our flimsy vehicles and fry the guys inside.

The best solution that I have found in the Codex is the bubblewrapping with the Beastpack.  A squad of 10 Khymera and 2 Beastmasters has a very large footprint and can easily block a Drop Pod or Dreadknight from coming in too close.  For 120 points this unit is a great buy, and can actually help with punching rear armor 10 against armies that carry it.

The biggest downside is that it competes with other Fast Attack choices, making them a tough sell.  However, if you can sacrifice the firepower of Scourges or Razorwing Fighters, the Beastpack might be a great buy to help preserve your vehicles.


  1. Though this is a good idea, the issue you run into is that things like the dread knight have torrent flamers. They can fire right past the bubble wrap.

    I think as always, the best defense, is a solid offense. Distract target priority, and you'll get your transports into range. DE really only needs a solid turn to do so (generally).

  2. Very true, I've found it pretty easy to overwhelm my opponent with targets. By the time they get close enough to do anything, I have quite a bit of firepower at my disposal ready to unload!