Sunday, February 15, 2015

6 Warhammer 40k Predictions for the LVO

The LVO is right around the corner and I thought it might be fun to put together some predictions for the event. Feel free to share your own or comment on mine.

1. There will be no Eldar in the Top 8 - Eldar had their time to shine, but nowadays almost all tournament lists are built with Wave Serpents and Wraithknights in mind. They will win at a high %, but won't make it to the final day. 

2. Tyranids will make the Top 8 - I expect to see quite a few combinations of Flyrants, Barbed Hierodules and Malanthropes this year.

3. A West Coast Player will win the main event this year; more specifically a player from California. These missions are very popular here in California and we've had a lot of practice with them.

4. The most prevalent army in the top 8 will be Imperial "star" armies. Bikes, Centurions, Thunder Wolf Calvary supported by psykers. These armies are tough to beat and are very popular.

5. There will not be any Adamantium Lance Formations in the top 8. Similar to Eldar, players now build their lists with Imperial Knights in mind.

6. The LVO a will be won by an Imperial "star" army. As stated above, these armies are popular and effective. When in the hands of an experienced general, it's tough to stop these types of lists.

That's it for now! I might try to come up with 4 more to fill the list out to 10... 

What are your predictions for the LVO?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Army for the New Year!

Hello it's been awhile! My eBay store has almost sold out of its yearly haul, but there are a few random Eldar and dark Eldar items still up for sale.  Check out the link on the right if you're looking for some good deals!

Since my last post I went and started writing articles for Bell of Lost Souls.  I've only written 2 so far, but will write more as I get some more free time.  They were on The Art of Mental Training and touched on the psychological / mental components of gaming.  They may not appeal to a wide audience, but I think there are some who appreciate them.  I will repost them here for my own reference after the new year.

I've also started a new army.  Things got a little stagnant with my Eldar and Dark Eldar.  I played Dark Eldar almost exclusively during 5th, and Eldar since the new Codex came out.  It was time for a change!  So I made a pretty big change and started up ..... TYRANIDS!!!

Here is the army I've been running lately:  

Hive Tyrant: twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; wings; electroshock grubs 240
Hive Tyrant: twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; wings; electroshock grubs 240

3 Ripper Swarms: Deep Strike 45
3 Ripper Swarms: Deep Strike 45

Malanthrope 85

Dimachareon 200

Tyrannocyte 75

Barbed Hierodule 565

Hive Tyrant: twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; wings; electroshock grubs 240

1 Mucolid Spore Cluster 15

Void Shield Generator: 2× additional projected void shield 100

1,850 points

This army packs a pretty nasty punch.  I've tried variations with 4 or 5 Flyrants, and those are pretty nasty too.  I'll post some battle report summaries as they come in.  This army is such a far detachment from Eldar and Dark Eldar - I think it'll be a nice counterbalance for them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eldar items up on eBay!!!

I finally added some new stuff up on eBay!  Check out all my auctions here.

What I've added:

  • A HUGE Eldar Army
  • 2 New on Sprue Wave Serpents
  • 20 New on Sprue Dire Avengers
  • 25 Plastic Wraithguard
  • A Painted Falcon
  • An unassembled / incomplete Fire Prism
  • A Forgeworld Avatar body

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dark Eldar List Idea: 10 Venoms + 4 Flyers + Beasts

I wrote this list based on the assumption that you can include a Court of the Archon without an Archon, it just takes up an HQ slot.  RaW is a bit hazy here I think, so hopefully we get some clarity on whether this is actually allowed or not.  If it's not I would drop a Venom in favor of an Archon with a Blaster.

I'm not sure how well this would do in a tournament setting, as those Venoms are pretty fragile and don't do anything against vehicles.  However this could be a great "spoiler" army.  With some playtesting and fine-tuning, this could turn into a pretty nasty list.

List after the jump!