Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Null Deployment Dark Eldar - How to do it!

Tired of getting blasted off the table before fighting back? Try Null Deployment!

Howdy!  I just wanted to quickly share an idea for Dark Eldar.  Dark Eldar are a notoriously fragile army.  In my opinion, they were at their best in 5th edition when you could reserve your entire army and essentially force your opponent to waste the first 2 turns of their shooting if you went second.  This left you with a valuable alpha strike turn 2, 4 turns of shooting and only 3 turns of return fire.

7th edition ended the "start 50% of your units on the board" rule, which allows for some shenanigans.  Now, you still need units on the board at the end of the game turn, but it's totally okay to start with nothing on the table.  As long as you're not playing an interceptor heavy army (like Tau), this should be achievable.

How? By using the "Scalpel Squadron" formation found in the Haemonculi Covens book.  This allows you to take 2 units of Wracks in Venoms and deepstrike on the first turn. Deploy nothing to start the game, laugh as your opponent just moves around, and drop in the Wracks.  What's better yet, if one of those Venoms kills something to get First Blood, you get D3 victory points!

Fill out the rest of your army with Venoms, Scourges with Haywire, and anything else that can drop down and have an immediate impact on the game.  I would also consider getting a Comms relay to ensure your reserves come (or don't come) when you want them to.  Turn 2 the majority of your army will come in and lay down an alpha strike on your opponent.  Then, you only have a few more turns to take return fire before you start rolling to end the game.

Have you tried null deployment with Dark Eldar or another army? How did it work?


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one, I'll try to get some more up! While not a popular mainstream army, Dark Eldar do have quite a loyal following.