Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dark Eldar Game 2 - Summary and Unit Analysis (Kabalite Raiding Party)

Played two more games with my Dark Eldar against my friend Chris' Space Wolf deathstar - which features a super unit of Thunderwolf Calvary with various supports.
By Algrim Whitefang

Here is my Game 1 List:

Archon (Shadowfield, WWP, Power Sword, Haywire Grenades) - 155
Court of the Archon (3 Sslyth, 2 Medusae) in Raider (Night Shields) - 195
3 Incubi in Venom - 125
Ravager - 105
6x5 Kabalite Trueborn (4 Blasters) in Venoms - 1,080
5 Scourges with Haywire - 120
5 Hellions - 65

Artist Unknown
In the first game my friend used Loth (for guarenteed invisibility and FNP ObSec Troops) along with a squad of Centurions in a Space Wolf Drop Pod.  I knew that Invisibility would essentially make it impossible for me to do any damage to his super unit, so my focus was to take out everything else in his army. Through my turn 5 I was actually winning in KP's and had successfully killed everything not named Loth or mounted on a bike / Thunderwolf in my opponents army.  When Chris' turn 5 came up he split the Deathstar to take out multiple Venoms, barely making the charge on a few rolls.  He killed enough to win the primary.  He also had First Blood and Linebreaker which beat my Secondary win and Linebreaker. 4-6 Loss for the Dark Eldar


Kabalite Raiding Party - Having 24 blasters supported by 7 Venoms was pretty nifty.  I was pretty conservative with my Trueborn because I didn't want them to get assaulted and thus kept them 24" away from his super unit.

Ravager with Disintegrators - I actually really liked this option. I think we have so much AP2 and anti-infantry, that this might not get too much play, but against an infantry heavy army it was perfect.  I would have done quite a bit of damage if I ran 3 of these.

Incubi - Two Incubi successfully finished off a squad of 3 Marines with FNP in 2 combat phases (not surprising I suppose).  I don't think these will have a place in my competitive lists (they need invulnerables against tough units and/or grenades), but they filled a role nicely.

Hellions - These guys didn't do much, but were successfully able to take themselves out of the fight and not get killed with their 12" move.  That has to count for something, right?

Court of the Archon - I got my first taste of how awesome the WWP can be when you drop down a shooty unit.  Even just having 2 Medusae, I was successfully able to kill 2 of the wolf bodyguard for an Iron Wolf camping on an objective (he failed a morale test and ran off the board).  The thought of deepstriking with a unit of D-Scythe Wraithguard is pretty appealing.

Stay Tuned for Analysis from Game 3!


  1. It is good to see someone do reasonably well with Dark Eldar after all the negativity.

    Just a question: Did you get any flakk for playing Unbound

  2. Thanks for the comment! I actually wasn't using Unbound, I was using the Realspace Raiders Detachment found on pg. 110 in the Codex. The detachment requires you to take 6 units of Kabalite Warriors, I just upgraded them to Trueborn.

    The Dark Eldar Codex isn't top tier but it can put up a good fight!

    1. But then they aren't Kabalite Warriors and they are also Elites (so you have no troops).

      That's where the question about Unbound cames from.

      I think getting enough anti tank in a DE army is a serious problem (if going against heavy mech). Using Warriors rather than Trueborn you'd have another 360 points to spend, but 18 less blaster shots.

      What did you think of the Sslyth ? I'm tempted to convert some up from tyranid ravener tails and kabakite warrior bodies.


    2. True, I guess my interpretation of the Realspace Raiders detachment is that you can upgrade the six required Warrior units to Trueborn as there isn't a troop / force organization requirement for the detachment. I could be wrong about that though!

      Sslyth are nice, but I think Grotesques are a better buy, personally. Better weapons, access to power from pain and an extra wound. Totally worth the extra points.

    3. I used a unit of Grotesques at the weekend, and they wreaked vehicles and absorbed a lot of firepower. I was tempted with Sslyth as well as they aren't bulky (so you can fot more than 4 in a raider, along with their baby sitter - low leadership for both), and they include some decent shooting with 3 shots a piece.

      Another benefit of the Sslyth is that they can be babysat by one of the court that had ld9 rather than an HQ character. I still considering whether it's worth converting the models (as I already have scourges to build).